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MARTIAL ART UP  - Hits and Misses 4 - LEARN SAI CHI
Harder U Tube workout, for us over 50's, train hard, fit cores.

Harder UTube workout, includes fitness ideas, strategies, plans, diets, sai chi, weights programs, cross training, martial arts, fitness leaders, yoga-  SO MANY  - SO LITTLE TIME - GOOGLE IT TO SEE THOSE PROGRAMS
 Motivation - YOUR HOUR OF POWER

Why are we here?? - Because - So let us make the most of it. 
The fact that we are here is in itself a blessing for alot of us over 50's.  Lets not wonder to deeply into the Meaning of Life, lets celebrate what we have and start by making a lifestyle change. IE, making working out part of our PURPOSE in life. Lets start now.

Why do we do what we do? - because:

Correct effort and correct breathing
  Correct effort really is down to using the correct technique as per each exercise attempted and completed depending on your own abilities. Each to his/her own.  To much effort using the wrong technique can be problematic to say the least.  Minimal   effort, can also be problematic.  Learning how to do the exercise correctly is very, very important.  Ways to do so, include;  hand's on tuition, learning by observing, from books and DVD's on the particular  

Correct breathing? - Why bother, our breathe is everything.  A great man once said, "We have only so many heart beats." Yet, if so, lets learn to use the correct breathing to lesson our heart beats and I guess we have only so many breathes.

On a daily basis, I use Nogare breathing techniques! Nogare breathing is normal breathing, what we do all the time.  In stressful situations, our breathing becomes forced, almost, a gasp. WE breath deeply, and when stressed, to clear our head and get our physical control back, we must control our breathing., breathing deeply helps you keep a clear head. .

I personally use Ibuki Breathing techniques during, my workouts.  Here's why!
It is an intense isometric breathing exercise which can  help you recover from "out of breath," activities. Ibuki is renown for being used in Kata - Set pre-arranged Martial Arts movements.  There are numerous books and DVD/s on the subject of ibuki breathng.  Switched on fighters, will use ibuki breathing throughout their actual fights, so as their recovery times are quicker.  Done right, it gives the fighter using this breathing method a hugh advantage. An advantage which is missed by the larger community.   

What is SAI CHI ?? What is SAI CHI? - I am sure you have heard of Tai Chi.  An ancient set of Forms, with slow arm movements.  Breathing and slow movements are applied.  Sai Chi is similiar and yet different,  firstly, because you are using the ancient weapon - SAI. look at the history of the SAI through this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sai_(weapon)
 The SAI can be use in many ways - use is really as limited as ones imagination.  Like everything, the more you use it the more you get use to it.  So practice makes perfect. Once you learn the basic hold and swing movements, thats when you become really creative.

  At first, you learn to use the Sai without any added kicks and or punches. As your skill level and fitness increases, kicks and punches are added into the sequences. I have a soft and hard style with the SHINAI as well.

Standup Evolved Fighting System
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Standup Evolved Fighting System
PO Box 1942 Sydney, New South Wale 1355 AU
Phone: 0428515605 Website: http://www.standupevolved.com
You cannot under-estimate the power of the mind, Imagination is everything. Visualizing is all part of your imagination. When you visualize something you see it in your mind, and simulating is your response to visualizing.  Putting it into practice. Visualize your workout and put it into practice by simulating your exercises.  Why do so, because it is a very important positive re-enforcement technique. Used all the time and with working out, it does sharpen you awareness and this can only be a good thing.   
What is Shinai Chi ?? The Shinai is a bamboo sword used in Kendo.I teach the use of this sword in soft and hard styles. Basic sword movements are learnt and through continous practice are able to be applied to a high standard. The soft style is really for the novice, the inexperienced practictioner, and movements are more basic and circular with nogare and ibuki breating are applied continously throughout the sequences.  With hard style, the karate kia is taught and with fast strikes and blocks are applied including numerous karate kicks and punches. Ibuki breathing is used foremost within this hard style.  Benefits are of course, increased eye hand leg coordination, balance,  strength, flexibility and overall periferal awareness. And as the practiioner evolves so does the intensity of the sequences. 
So many choices - So little time- or is there??
Depending on where you are at the moment  -  Lets Check out some other workouts-
look at these links:  TBC

Here is an HOUR OF POWER - Trifecta Workout:
Equipment needed: 6x jigsaw mats to lie on, 1x step up machine, 1x Exercycle, 1x cross trainer machine, 1x pair boxing gloves, 1x floor to ceiling ball, your own workout clothes, water, towel, timer, heart monitor.
Step 1: Meditate IN, 5x minutes stretching warmup, Step 2: 10x minutes on step up machine - you set own pace, Step 3: 5x minutes Floor to ceiling ball, Step 4: 10x minutes Exercycle, you set pace, Step 5: 5x Minutes floor to ceiling ball, Step 6: 10x minutes on Cross trainer machine, again you set pace, finish with 5x minutes warm down stretching and then Meditate OUT. -  All the above workout within an HOUR -  ENJOY.   
Depending on your own abilities: tbc
Now lets see: I wouldn't recommend this type of workout unless - tbc
Having been a Creative Martial Artist since  1973, I know a thing or too about being creative.  To help you gain an advantage over your opponent, in business, generally in life, it helps to be creative.   With fitness related workouts, being creative will help you with your workout program. It gives you incentive to keep going. To develop a  Never say never attitude.  Through visualizing your creative talents come out. Yes, we all have these talents, just because we might not be able to sketch or draw to a high standard, doesnt mean we cannot be creative. We are as limited as our imaginations.    Heres some QUICK TIPS to help you get your Creative juices flowing: TBC
Creative Martial Arts is: being able to see what others can't see.  Through your imagination, creative visualizing, you develop yourself to a higher level than most. Being creative is helped by knowing what You are looking for. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, now you can place that idea into your creative processes, like visualizing that idea at every opportunity.  I know through trial and error what I can and can't do with regards to my creative imagination.  Keeping things realistic, doesn't also mean that it will stay that way.  Being creative does also mean - stepping out of the square,  push forward with your creative idea again at every opportunity.           
While frailty is most often associated with the elderly, some old people never get frail.

Experts now regard it as a medical syndrome, that is, a group of symptoms that collectively characterizes a disease, one that probably has biological and genetic underpinnings and can afflict even those in middle age if they have some other debilitating chronic disease.

Frail people usually suffer from three or more of five symptoms that often travel together. These include unintentional weight loss (10 or more pounds within the past year), muscle loss and weakness, a feeling of fatigue, slow walking speed and low levels of physical activity

http://livescience.com/51602-frailty-is-medical-condition/ (paste to browser).

Relaxing the Mind and Meditation:
Relaxing the mind and meditation
Some of  us over 50's have to take medication/s although we might not want to, that help us with relaxing the mind, (depression-anxiety- so on), other ways to relax the mind is through music, sketching, painting and meditation. And many other ideas as they are infinite.  Yoga, Tai chi are also great ways to workout and mediate at the same time.  I practice the "Nothingness," form of meditation. One of the hardest forms to learn, as you have to have all thoughts removed from your mind.  Again with this form, practice makes perfect. 
Here's some worthwhile links:
1. http://apowercopathsjourney.com
2. http://headcovertv.com

A common saying, "Use it or Lose it,"  really is true - as we get older we know the value of knowledge - Knowledge is Power. To true.  So what we need to do is read, read, read. Don't be complacent, as we simply cannot know everything. For YOU to progress into a healthy lifestyle change with a new workout program, digest as much info as you possibly can. Do a diploma, certificate course in a fitness program, learn all about how your body works. TBC.
Thats right - get your jackcee off the couch now:
Motivation continued:  YOUR HOUR OF POWER - Some more motivational links: TBC
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